best Vitamix blenderYou have been thinking about it for a while, and now you’re finally sure. You are going to bite the bullet and buy a Vitamix! The only problem now is figuring out which one to buy. Seriously. Buying a Vitamix can be tricky. There are more than a dozen options, ranging from streamlined classics to feature-rich systems with touchscreen controls.

However, the most important thing to know is that all full-size Vitamix blenders can make smoothies, soups, dips, frozen desserts, and drinks. The question is whether (and how much) you are willing to pay for extra features.

In this post, I compiled a list of the best Vitamix blenders with their pros and cons so that you can find the best Vitamix blender for you.


In case you’re not interested in reading the entire review and just want to know which Vitamix blender is best for whom, here is a summary:

  • Best you can get (the most advanced with the newest technology): A3500
  • Best you can get without new technology: Pro 750
  • Best on a budgetE310 
  • Best value: recon V1200 or A2300
  • Best rated: 5200


Which Vitamix to Buy

Before selecting a specific Vitamix model, it’s helpful to understand how Vitamix categorizes its machines. All Vitamix blenders fall into three lines: Legacy, Smart System, and Explorian.

  • Legacy blenders are the original tried-and-true machines that made the company’s reputation (the very first Vitamix blender was released in 1937). They are known for their premium performance, durability, and traditional design style. All Legacy models have a manual interface with switches and knobs and a 7-year warranty.
  • Smart System blenders are the most advanced Vitamix models (released in 2016). They feature the latest technology, maximum functionality, and a modern, sleek design. All Smart System models have a digital interface with either manual switches or an electronic touchscreen and a 10-year warranty.
  • Explorian blenders are entry-level Vitamix models at an affordable price (released in 2017). They are a Vitamix’s response to the pressure from competitors making similarly powerful blenders at a fraction of the Vitamix’s cost. All Explorian models have a manual interface with only simple controls and come with a 5-year warranty.

Here is a simple chart showcasing which Vitamix models fall into which product line:

So, which line of blenders is the best?

There are several reasons why I think that the Smart System blenders are the way to go – powerful performance, smart features, modern design, and an impressive warranty.

Perhaps most importantly, when you buy a Smart System blender, you are buying into the future of Vitamix. Some of the newest Vitamix containers and attachments, including the 8-oz blending bowl and the 96-oz food processor attachment, are only compatible with the Smart System blenders and cannot be used on Legacy or Explorian blenders. 

For more information on the Vitamix food processor, see my » Vitamix Food Processor review.

Now that you know the differences between the three product lines let’s explore some of the best Vitamix models.

Vitamix Comparison Video

If you’d like to see a comparison of three popular Vitamix models, watch the video below!

Best Vitamix Blender You Can Get

best Vitamix blender - A3500The A3500 is hands down the best Vitamix blender you can get. If you are all about the latest and greatest, this blender is for you.


  • Power: with a 2.2-horsepower motor, which equates to a whopping 1,440 watts, the A3500 is one of the most powerful high-speed blenders on the market.
  • Features: out of all Vitamix blenders, the A3500 comes with the most features – a touchscreen with 5 preset programs, a variable 10-speed dial, a pulse button, a digital timer (count up), and a programmable timer (count down). The program settings ensure a walk-away convenience, while the speed dial and the pulse button let you manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe. You can also set a timer to the length of your blend and have the machine turn off automatically.
  • Technology: all Smart System blenders come with SELF-DETECT™ technology and wireless connectivity. The SELF-DETECT™ technology enables the blender base to read the size of the container and adjust the program settings and blending times accordingly. The wireless connectivity enables the blender to pair with Vitamix’s “Perfect Blend” app, giving you access to 17 extra preset programs and over 500 recipes. The app works on smartphones as well as iPads.
  • Compatibility: because of the SELF-DETECT™ technology, the A3500 is compatible with all Vitamix SELF-DETECT™ containers and attachments.
  • Noise: the A3500 (in the metal finish) is the quietest of all non-commercial Vitamix blenders, blending at 84 decibels at maximum speed. This noise level allows for maintaining a conversation (with a slightly raised voice) when the blender is in use.
  • Color options: the A3500 has the most color options – black, white, red, copper metal, black stainless steel metal, and brushed stainless metal.
  • Warranty: the A3500 comes with a full 10-year warranty, the longest warranty Vitamix offers.


  • Weight: at 14.92 pounds, the A3500 is the heaviest Vitamix model.
  • Container size: all Smart System Vitamix blenders come with a low-profile 64-oz container, which doesn’t handle single servings of food well. This is not a problem if you’re making smoothies for two or preparing meals for four. But if you are planning on using the blender primarily for single servings, you will need an additional container.
  • Price: the most significant disadvantage of the A3500 is the price. A3500 sits at the end of the price spectrum for non-commercial blenders. Sure, it is the top-of-the-line model from the Ascent Series, but if cost is important to you, you may want to consider one of the more affordable Vitamix models or buy a reconditioned model.
  • Powerful 2.2 HP, cool-running motor with thermal override
  • Pulse feature, 10 variable speeds, 5 preset programs
  • Sleek touchscreen with a timer
  • SELF-DETECT™ technology
  • Compatibility with all SELF-DETECT™ containers
  • Low noise levels (84 dB at max speed)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Weight (14.92 lb)
  • Container size (doesn’t work well for small quantities)
  • Price


Best Vitamix Blender without New Technology

best Vitamix blender without new technology - Pro 750If the A3500 is the best Smart System Vitamix blender, the Pro 750 is the best Legacy Vitamix blender. The Pro 750 shares many similarities with the A3500 but lacks digital technology, including a touchscreen, a digital timer, SELF-DETECT™ capability, and wireless connectivity.


  • Power: all Vitamix blenders are extremely powerful, featuring either a 2 HP motor or a 2.2 HP motor. The Pro 750 was the first Vitamix blender with a 2.2 HP motor.
  • Features: the Pro 750 has manual controls, including 5 preset programs, a variable 10-speed dial, and a pulse switch. Currently, only one other Vitamix model offers so many preset programs – the A3500.
  • Noise: regardless of the finish – metal (discontinued in August 2019) or plastic – the Pro 750 is one of the quietest Vitamix models and the quietest out of Legacy models, blending at 88 dB at maximum speed.
  • Warranty: the Pro 750 comes with a full 7-year warranty.


  • Compatibility: because the Pro 750 is a Legacy model, it doesn’t come with SELF-DETECT™ Technology or wireless connectivity. Therefore, it is also not compatible with any of the Vitamix SELF-DETECT™ containers.
  • Container size: all Legacy blenders with a 2.2. HP motor come with a low-profile 64-oz container, which doesn’t handle single servings of food well. So, if you are planning on using the blender primarily for single servings, you will need an additional container.
  • Powerful 2.2 HP, cool-running motor with thermal override
  • Pulse feature, 10 variable speeds, 5 preset programs
  • Elegant manual interface
  • Low noise levels (88 dB at max speed)
  • 7-year warranty
  • No SELF-DETECT™ technology
  • No compatibility with SELF-DETECT™ containers.
  • Container size (doesn’t work well for small quantities)
  • Price


Best Value Vitamix Blender

best value Vitamix blender - V1200

The reconditioned V1200 is the most budget-friendly Smart System blender. It’s part of the Venturist series originally manufactured exclusively for the Costco stores. For this reason, Vitamix sells directly only a reconditioned version of this model.

The V1200 is essentially a hybrid model. It has Smart System (Ascent) features – the same dial and switches as the A2300 and a similar timer function as the A3300 – but Legacy (G series) build and design.


  • Power: like all Smart System blenders, the V1200 has a 2.2 HP motor, delivering high-powered results.
  • Features: the V1200 comes with a variable 10-speed dial, a pulse button, a digital timer (count up), and a programmable timer (count down).
  • Technology: the V1200 is a part of the Venturist series, which, just like the Ascent series, falls into the Smart System line. That is, the blender recognizes which SELF-DETECT™ container is on the base and adjusts blending settings accordingly, and it also pairs with Vitamix’s “Perfect Blend” app. So, even though this model doesn’t come with standard preset programs, it supports preset programs via the Vitamix app.
  • Compatibility: because of the SELF-DETECT™ technology, the V1200 is compatible with all Vitamix SELF-DETECT™ containers and attachments.
  • Extra accessories: being a former Costco exclusive, the V1200 comes with extra accessories. Aside from the essentials, like the tamper, the V1200 also comes with a 20-oz blending cup.
  • Price: the V1200 costs the same as the most basic Ascent model – the A2300. The advantage of the A2300 is that it is new and more modern looking. The advantage of the V1200 is that it has a programmable timer and comes with a 20-oz kit. Vitamix also often runs promotions on the V1200 model, making it even a better deal.


  • Reconditioned model: since this model was originally manufactured exclusively for Costco, Vitamix sells directly only a refurbished version of this model. This also means that the warranty is only 5 years. 
  • Powerful 2.2 HP, cool-running motor with thermal override
  • Pulse feature, 10 variable speeds, a digital timer (count up), and a programmable timer (count down)
  • SELF-DETECT™ technology
  • Compatibility with all SELF-DETECT™ containers
  • Free 20-oz blending cup
  • Price
  • Reconditioned model
  • 5-year warranty


Best Vitamix Blender on a Budget

best Vitamix on a budget - E310

The E310 is the most budget-friendly entry-level blender Vitamix blender. It has the typical Vitamix blender’s power and functionality but a simple minimalist look with a smaller (48-oz) container.


  • Power: the E310 comes with a 2 HP motor, which is slightly less powerful than most other Vitamix blenders. However, the difference between a 2 HP motor and a 2.2 HP motor is practically unrecognizable in day-to-day blending.
  • Features: the E310 has a manual interface with only simple controls – a pulse switch and a variable 10-speed dial (no preset programs or a secondary on/off switch). It is one of the most basic Vitamix models but blends just as well as any other Vitamix machine.
  • Weight: at 10.5 pounds, the E310 is the lightest full-size Vitamix model.
  • Price: except for a few reconditioned Vitamix models, the E310 is the best-priced Vitamix blender.


  • Compatibility: because the E310 isn’t a Smart System blender, it isn’t equipped with SELF-DETECT™ Technology or wireless connectivity. Therefore, it is also not compatible with any of the SELF-DETECT containers. On the other hand, it can be used with Vitamix containers going back to the mid-90s.
  • Noise: the E310 is one of the loudest Vitamix blenders, going up to 98 dB at maximum speed. 
  • Warranty: Vitamix offers only a 5-year warranty on this model. Compared to other Vitamix blenders, this is relatively short. 
  • Powerful 2 HP, cool-running motor with thermal override
  • Pulse feature and 10 variable speeds
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Weight (10.5 lb)
  • Price
  • No SELF-DETECT™ technology
  • No compatibility with SELF-DETECT™ containers.
  • Noise (98 dB at max speed)
  • 5-year warranty


Best Rated Vitamix Blender

best rated Vitamix blender - 5200The 5200 is one of the most popular high-end blenders, even though Vitamix had come out with more than 20 new models since 2007 when it was first released. The Wirecutter and American’s Test Kitchen maintain that the 5200 is the best blender you can buy.


  • Power: all Legacy (Classic) Vitamix blenders come with a 2 HP motor, drawing 1380 watts. The reason for a 2 HP motor (as opposed to a 2.2 HP motor) is a 3-inch blade in the 64-oz tall containers (as opposed to a 4-inch blade in the 64-oz low-profile container).
  • Features: like the E310, the 5200 has only a few simple controls – a high/low switch and a variable 10-speed dial. It doesn’t have any preset buttons, but it offers the most comprehensive range of speeds – the speed dial has a fantastic RPM range of 500 to 37,000 for maximum control over your blends.
  • Container: one of the things I love most about the 5200 is the tall container. Sure, with its height of 20.5″, it might not fit under most kitchen cabinets (standard kitchen cabinets are 18″ tall), but it is the most versatile container Vitamix has ever invented. It handles both small as well as large batches of food with ease.
  • Weight: at 10.6 pounds, the 5200 is relatively lightweight.
  • Warranty: the 5200 comes with a 7-year warranty.


  • Compatibility: since the 5200 is a Legacy blender, it doesn’t have SELF-DETECT™ Technology or wireless connectivity. Therefore, it is also not compatible with any of the SELF-DETECT™ containers.
  • Noise: the 5200 blends at 91 dB at maximum speed. It is not particularly loud, but it is not quiet either. The noise level of an average blender is 88 dB.
  • Powerful 2 HP, cool-running motor with thermal override
  • Pulse feature and 10 variable speeds
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Well-designed container
  • Weight (10.6 lb)
  • 7-year warranty
  • No SELF-DETECT™ technology
  • No compatibility with SELF-DETECT™ containers.
  • Noise (91 dB at max speed)


Vitamix Comparisons

If you have narrowed your search for the best Vitamix blender to two models, here is a quick comparison of the most popular Vitamix blenders.

A3500 vs. Pro 750

If price is not an issue, get the A3500. The A3500 has more advanced technology, broader functionality, and a longer warranty. Also, if you ever decide to extend the functionality of your blender, with the A3500 you have the option to purchase the 8-oz bowl and the 96-oz food processor attachment.

V1200 vs. E310

The reconditioned V1200 is a better pick than the E310. The V1200 has more advanced technology, better features, broader functionality (especially with the 20-oz kit), and a longer warranty. The V1200 is also quieter than the E310.

V1200 vs. A2300

The V1200 and the A2300 have exactly the same features. The advantage of the V1200 is that it comes with a free 20-oz starter kit. The advantage of the A2300 is that it is new (Vitamix only sells a reconditioned version of the V1200) and has a newer look. If you can get the V1200 for $100 off in-cart, it is undoubtedly a better deal than the A2300.

Pro 750 vs. 5200

Which matters more to you – features or savings? The Pro 750 is more modern, feature-rich, and quieter. The 5200 is cheaper. Both are excellent choices, but the Pro 750 is a better blender.

E310 vs. 5200

The Vitamix E310 and the 5200 are both solid 2-horsepower machines with practically the same controls. The real difference in these machines is the container design and capacity. The E310 has a short and wide 48-oz container, while the 5200 has a tall and narrow 64-ounce container. My pick would be the 5200 for a couple of reasons – a more versatile container capable of making small batches as well as large batches of all kinds of blends and a longer warranty.

New vs. Reconditioned Vitamix

Once you have decided which Vitamix blender is the best for you, the next question is whether you should get a new Vitamix blender or a reconditioned model.

If you’re looking to save some money, reconditioned Vitamix blenders are a great option. Vitamix guarantees them to work as well as new machines, and the price is discounted by up to 40%. 

Reconditioned Vitamix blenders are either returned units or demonstration units. Before reselling them, Vitamix inspects each blender and replaces any parts that don’t meet its standards. The process of reconditioning machines is a serious, formalized 17-step process. It includes testing all components to ensure they work, fixing the ones that don’t, and replacing items like the container, lid, and tamper before re-boxing and selling as reconditioned. 

The only downside of reconditioned blenders is that you might need to wait to get the model you want. Vitamix doesn’t build new models to sell as refurbished. They sell models as they become available. So, if you see a reconditioned Vitamix model you like, don’t wait and buy it.

For more information on reconditioned Vitamix blenders, see my » Refurbished Vitamix Blenders review.

Q&A for Vitamix Buyers

Is Vitamix Worth It?

What separates Vitamix from other brands?

Vitamix blenders go above and beyond in every aspect. Some of the features that set Vitamix apart are a cool-running motor, metal gear coupling, patented air-craft grade stainless steel blade, and a uniquely designed container. Vitamix also offers an industry-leading 10-year full warranty for their Smart System blenders (Legacy blenders have a 7-year warranty, Explorian blenders have a 5-year warranty). Blendtec – Vitamix’s leading competitor – comes with an 8-year warranty, while standard blenders typically offer no longer than a 1-year warranty. 

Is Vitamix overpriced?

Many Vitamix blenders cost in the range of $500 and up. That’s a lot of money for a small kitchen appliance! However, according to Consumer Reports, Vitamix is a solid buy despite the high price. 

Another way to look at it is that a $100 blender replaced every five years would cost you $20 a year. A $300 refurbished Vitamix blender that will easily last you 15 years will also cost you $20 a year. Of course, you can buy a Vitamix blender at a much higher price tag, but if you don’t mind sacrificing features like pre-set programs and a programmable timer, a more entry-level Vitamix blender will perform just as well.

Learn » How to Save Over $3,100 a Year with Vitamix


Should I Get a Vitamix with preset programs?

Vitamix blenders have zero to five preset programs, including settings for smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. They are nice but unnecessary. I own two Vitamix blenders with pre-programmed settings – the A3500 and the Pro 750 – and only use the self-cleaning preset. Why?

Essentially, preset programs are just timers. No sensors are making customized adjustments while the blender is running. There’s no way for a timer to know the volume, temperature, or density of the food put into the container.

I would take the saved money by not buying a model with preset programs and invest it in an extra Vitamix container, such as the food processor attachment or the 8-oz bowl. However, if money is not a consideration, then go all out and get the A3500, which is the best of the best.

Should I get a Vitamix with a touchscreen?

Switches vs. touchscreen is simply a matter of preference. The functionality is the same.

Personally, I enjoy using touchscreens and prefer the sleek, more high-tech look of a touchscreen instead of physical switches. But I also own an iPhone and an iPad, have a touchscreen GPS in the car, and wear an Apple watch. Do I miss devices with physical buttons? Hmm, no.

At first, you might be uncomfortable with a touchscreen, but the learning curve is shallow. Chances are you are already using devices with a touchscreen daily anyway, so using a Vitamix with touch controls will be second nature. There is nothing wrong with physical switches, though, so if you prefer them, go for it.

Switch controls or touchscreen – both are excellent choices.

Should I get a Vitamix with a timer?

All Smart System blenders have a set digital timer, which displays how long you have been blending. If you’re running a program, the timer indicates how much time is left. The A3300 and the A3500 Vitamix blenders also have a programmable timer, which blends your recipes for the time you’ve entered. Put another way, the set digital timer is simply a measuring device, whereas the programmable timer is a convenient tool for a walk-away blending. Both are nice to have but not necessary.

What is the secondary on/off switch for?

All Smart System blenders come with a secondary on/off switch. It is an extra safety feature to ensure the blender doesn’t accidentally turn on.

I don’t ever leave my Vitamix plugged in when I am not using it, so I don’t find this feature very useful. But if you like to have your small kitchen appliances constantly plugged in and have little kids, this feature might come in handy.

For more information on Vitamix features, see my » Vitamix Comparison guide.


Which is the quietest Vitamix blender?

The Quiet One is by far the quietest of all blenders in the world, blending at 64 decibels at maximum speed. However, it is a commercial blender, so it is an overkill for personal use. The quietest out of all non-commercial blenders are the A3500 and the A3300 in metal finishes, blending at 84 decibels at maximum speed).  

Do metal finishes make any difference?

Yes. Blenders with metal finishes (brushed stainless, black stainless, graphite metal, copper) block the sound of the motor better than plastic ones. That being said, the A3500 and the A3300, even in plastic shells, are still the quietest Vitamix models.

For more information on the quietest Vitamix models, see my » Quietest Vitamix Blenders comparison.


What size of Vitamix container should I get?

My recommendation is not to pick a blender for your container. It’s more important to find a blender that fits your needs rather than the perfect container. You can always get an additional container later.

However, if you want to know which container is my favorite, it is the tall 64-oz container. It has a large capacity, yet it’s capable of making single servings. It’s the most versatile out of all Vitamix containers. Unfortunately, the 64-oz tall container is only compatible with the Legacy Classic blenders. So, unless you really want a Legacy model, your blender will either come with the 64-oz (low-profile) container (most Vitamix blenders) or the 48-oz container (E310).

Do I need a secondary container?

The short answer is that the container that comes with your machine (all Vitamix blenders come with a container) can do all essential blender tasks. But since some containers specialize in specific tasks and have different quantity limitations, you might be considering a secondary container.

This is particularly true if you only have the 64-oz low-profile container and plan on making small batches of specific blends. Liquid blends, such as smoothies or soups, are not an issue but thick blends, such as hummus or ice cream, are more problematic. The reason is that thick blends require the use of a tamper, so there needs to be enough food in the blender for the tamper to reach the food. For small batches of thick blends, I recommend getting the 48-oz container (for Smart System blenders) or the 32-oz container (for Legacy blenders). For small batches of dressings or baby food, the 8-oz bowl would be ideal.

Do I need a dry container?

Unless you’re planning on grinding A LOT, the Vitamix dry container isn’t necessary. The theory behind the dry container is it helps to grind it more like a grain mill. In the dry container, ingredients are pushed up the sides and away from the blade to prevent food from packing at the bottom of the container. In the wet container, on the other hand, ingredients are being pulled down into the blade to help the liquefying process. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make flour, breadcrumbs, or flaxseed meal in a wet container. I have prepared all of the aforementioned in a wet container with no issues.

Are all containers compatible with all blenders?

Unfortunately, no. Smart System blenders are only compatible with Smart System (SELF-DETECT™) containers and vice versa. Legacy and Explorian blenders are only compatible with Legacy and Explorian containers.

For more information on Vitamix containers, see my » Vitamix Containers guide


Are Vitamix containers dishwasher-safe?

Only Smart System (SELF-DETECT™) containers are dishwasher-safe. However, to extend the life of your blender, I recommend using the self-cleaning cycle or washing the blender container by hand. First of all, if you put the container in the dishwasher, it will most likely sit there for a while, resulting in a stained or cloudy container. Second, the dishwasher can put stress on the container, blade, and bearings. The hot temperatures may distort or crack the container, wear down the blade (and other parts) over time, and cause the bearings to rust after prolonged dishwasher use. The harsh chemicals in the detergent can also etch the plastic, turning the container permanently cloudy. If you’re determined to use the dishwasher anyway, at least strictly adhere to the instructions about temperatures, detergents, and racks to be used.

Is Vitamix easy to clean?

All Vitamix models are easy to clean because the blade is fixed in the container. There is no rubber gasket, removable blade, or other removable components. To clean your Vitamix container, fill it halfway with warm water, add a few drops of dish soap, and run the self-cleaning cycle (or blend for 30 seconds on high).

As far as the blender base goes, touchscreens are easier to clean than raised switches and knobs. 

For more information on cleaning a Vitamix, see » How to Clean a Vitamix

Purchases, Warranty & Returns

What’s the best place to buy a Vitamix?

The best place to buy a Vitamix is either on the Vitamix website or from Vitamix authorized retailers. If you’re purchasing a Vitamix from retailers, always compare prices with to ensure you get the best deal. Also, consider purchasing a certified reconditioned Vitamix for the best value, especially if you see a model you like. I don’t recommend buying a Vitamix from third-party sellers and platforms, including eBay or Craigslist.

What if I am not happy with my Vitamix?

Vitamix has a 30-day return policy on all orders. So, if you aren’t fully satisfied with the performance of your blender, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Vitamix will even pay for return shipping. If you purchased your Vitamix machines from a local retailer or a dealer, you’d need to contact them for their return policy.

For more information on buying and returning a Vitamix, see » Where to Buy a Vitamix.

What does the Vitamix warranty cover?

Vitamix stands fully behind its products and offers a generous warranty covering all parts, labor, and shipping. However, only 1% of Vitamix blenders get sent in for service, so it is unlikely you’ll ever need it.

I have worked with more than a dozen Vitamix blenders and never experienced any issues.

For more information on Vitamix warranty, see my » Vitamix Warranty review

Petra Scott

Hi, I’m Petra – a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Raw Food Chef. I have been using Vitamix for more than a decade. I own several Vitamix blenders (mainly for testing purposes) and use Vitamix exclusively in commercial settings as well.

Whether you’re wondering which Vitamix to buy or what the upcoming Vitamix deals are, you’ll find it on this site.

A full disclosure – I am an affiliate of Vitamix, so if you use my links to purchase a Vitamix, I earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you so much for your support.

If you still can’t decide which Vitamix to buy, I would be happy to answer any questions in the comment section below. I respond to all comments within 24 hours.

This post was created in partnership with Vitamix (a brand I’ve loved and used for years) and contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.