Vitamix blender review

You have likely heard of Vitamix by now. It’s the brand that most home cooks and professionals consider the gold standard of high-performance blending. Vitamix blenders are extremely powerful, multi-functional, and the most reliable on the market. (1) But the quality comes with a high price tag many people are hesitant to pay. What makes Vitamix blenders better than other brands? Why are they so expensive?

In this Vitamix blender review, I dive into what makes Vitamix so great and whether it’s worth your money.


Why Consider a Vitamix Blender?

Some people think that splurging on Vitamix is a luxurious overspend. Why pay more than you have to for a kitchen appliance?

Because it works!

Before owning a Vitamix, I went through four different blenders in seven years. If you’ve ever owned a sub-par blender, you know how frustrating it can be to stop the blending process each time a piece of frozen fruit or stringy kale gets caught in the blade. How about having to add extra liquid to whatever you’re blending just so the blade doesn’t create an air pocket, leaving your food unblended and stuck on the sides of the blender jar?

I also went through one explosion when I (perhaps stupidly) put a steaming tomato soup into a glass blender jug. The jug burst into pieces within minutes of blending. The tomato soup sprayed all over the ceiling (and the kitchen cabinets, and the microwave, and the stovetop, and my brand new shirt, and…). There was nothing wrong with the motor, so I saved it and bought another jug. Well, the motor burnt out a few months later when I attempted to make ice cream. Seeing smoke coming from the base of a blender is never a good thing.

As they say, “buy cheap, buy twice” (in my case, four times!). So, my rule of thumb for home purchases is now the following: if you use something regularly (at least weekly, especially if it’s daily!), you should always buy quality.

What Sets Vitamix Apart

Vitamix machines go above and beyond in every aspect. Here is what sets Vitamix apart from other blenders.


Have you ever noticed that the Vitamix motor power is measured in HP? That’s horsepower – yes, the same metric cars use!

A Vitamix will chop and pulverize the nutrition found in skins and seeds and other unappetizing parts of food into something smooth and drinkable. I often add kale stems, pineapple cores, grapes with seeds, or strawberries with caps into my smoothies and still get no chunks. Low-cost blenders, on the other hand, have trouble pureeing anything but the softest items. Trust me, I know. I have owned a few of them.

Vitamix works so fast that when you add frozen ingredients into the blender, they have no time to melt. In fact, as you blend, the frozen ingredients refreeze themselves, producing instant ice cream. Dangerous. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you.

On the other end of the spectrum, the blade spins so fast that Vitamix can literally heat up your food. I often serve soups straight from the container – no need to reheat.

Bottom line – Vitamix motors are designed to combine the right amount of torque and speed to pulverize even the firmest ingredients in record time.

Vitamix review - versatility


Vitamix is not just a blender. It is a blender, a coffee grinder, a grain mill, an ice cream maker, a juicer, a mixer, and a food processor (with the food processor attachment). If you add up the price of all these appliances, you could easily pay a few thousand dollars.

Vitamix is truly the most amazing and versatile kitchen appliance I own. There is literally no blender on the market that can do the work of seven kitchen appliances. And yes, that includes Blendtec.

For an in-depth review of Vitamix vs Blendtec, see my » Vitamix vs Blendtec comparison

With Vitamix, you can also enjoy the versatility of strength and size. 

Do you have space concerns or need a small blender for your office? Try Vitamix One.

Need a smaller container for nut butters or baby food? Vitamix offers seven different sizes of containers.

For more information on Vitamix containers, see my » Vitamix Containers guide

Last but not least, if you need the power of Vitamix for your business needs, there are commercial options available to handle the demands of larger blends and continuous use.

commercial Vitamix blender

User-Friendly Controls

A powerful blender is no use if it’s confusing to operate. User-friendly controls can help simplify even the most time-consuming recipes. Whether you’re manually adjusting the blade speed or using a programmed setting, you can create a variety of dishes with the simple turn of a dial. As Vitamix proudly displays on their website, “Because easy-to-use means you’ll use it more often, getting the most out of your investment”.

Vitamix Pro 750 control panel

What’s more, in 2016 Vitamix released a new line of Vitamix blenders called the Smart System. These blenders inherited a powerful motor and an efficient blending ability from the Legacy line, but added many new technology features that promise to make the Smart System blenders the most advanced and easy to operate for many years ahead. With a press of a button, you can literally walk away from the blender while it does the all the work. 

Vitamix A3500 control panel


When it comes to blenders, you get what you pay for.

Today, Vitamix is one of the most reliable blender brands available. According to Consumer Reports, the likelihood of a Vitamix experiencing mechanical problems within the first four years of ownership is about 6%. This is significantly lower than any other brand. For example, two other high-end brands, Blendtec and Breville, had problem rates of 15% and 16% respectively. (1)

Some of the features that set Vitamix apart are:

  • Cool-running motor: the main component that makes Vitamix lasts so long is its cool-running motor. Vitamix engineers have designed a perfect airflow circulation around the motor, channeling a controlled amount of air to the places that need it most, so the motor doesn’t overheat or stall out when processing tough ingredients. The motor can handle running for several minutes at a time and produces enough power to heat up food from the friction of the blades. Should its motor overheat, the Vitamix is equipped with an automatic shutoff feature to keep it from burning out. 
  • Metal gear coupling: Vitamix uses metal for the gear coupling on the blender jars and the drive socket on the blender base. This is one big reason these blenders last so long – the metal won’t wear down like plastic does in cheaper blenders.
  • Air-craft grade stainless steel blade: Vitamix blenders come with patented, precision-cut, full-hardened, high-grade stainless-steel dual-performance blades. Unlike ordinary blenders that have either sharp blades or dull blades, Vitamix blades are precision engineered to provide both actions and never need to be replaced or sharpened. In other words, you get the same results from the first to the thousandth blend.
  • Uniquely designed container: every angle of the Vitamix container is designed to create uniquely controlled vortex, systematically folding ingredients back to the blade for faster, smoother blends.. In case the vortex power isn’t enough, a tamper is included with each Vitamix blender to help move ingredients without having to pause and scrape the sides of the jar. 

It’s no wonder that Vitamix is a favorite in many (if not most) professional kitchens and juice bars. Whenever you look at the set of your favorite cooking shows, you will inevitably see a Vitamix. It’s an investment, but you won’t find a better-performing more durable blender than the Vitamix.

Vitamix blender review - quality


When you invest in a Vitamix you can rest assured your machine will work for a long time. Vitamix warranty spans 5-10 years (depending on the model) and covers parts, performance and return shipping both ways. According to Vitamix though, less than 1% of Vitamix machines have every been returned for service. They’re just that durable and dependable.

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In addition, Vitamix customer service is amazing. If you ever have any questions or need another container, give them a call. Vitamix is a family-owned business and as such the customer representatives are truly caring. 

Vitamix warranty

Is Vitamix Worth the Price?

The question isn’t whether Vitamix is worth the price. It absolutely is.

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The question is whether you actually need one. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make the investment:

  1. Can a traditional blender keep up with you? Have you gone through a series of blenders that have quickly become busted, broken, or burned out? Many decent quality appliances can’t keep up with a truly dedicated blending enthusiast. If this sounds like you, then the answer should be getting clearer.
  2. How often will you use your blender? Are you looking to mix up the occasional margarita or make green smoothies every morning? If you plan to blend sparingly, a standard blender is a safe bet. However, if you plan on making smoothies with a variety of tough or fibrous ingredients every day, you will probably benefit from a powerful blender.
  3. Are you interested in cooking with whole foods? High-speed blenders have the functionality to liquify produce into juices, grind grains into flours, pulverize nuts into nut butters, and blend seeds into plant milks. Sure, you can buy all these ingredients in the store, but if you would like to come up with your own blends, it’s time to pull the trigger.
  4. Is space an issue? Are you debating whether to buy a high-speed blender or a food processor? Have you always wanted a juicer but could never justify cluttering your kitchen with another appliance? Well, then Vitamix might be the answer. Every Vitamix blender is able to perform more than 10 different culinary techniques, replacing multiple kitchen appliances.
  5. Is warranty important to you? Vitamix offers an industry-leading 10-year full warranty for their Smart System blenders (Legacy blenders have a 7-year and Explorian blenders have a 5-year warranty). Blendtec – Vitamix’s leading competitor – comes with an 8-year warranty while standard blenders typically offer no longer than a 1-year warranty. 

A3500 Vitamix blender with a blending cup

Vitamix Blender Review

It’s not just me who thinks that Vitamix makes the best blenders. The chefs at Cook’s Illustrated know it, reviewers at Wirecutter and Consumer Reports know it, Vitamix’s all competitors know it…

Vitamix Reviews in the Media

Vitamix machines have existed for decades, but recent technological advances have caught the attention of respected product review organizations. Here are just a few reviews from some of the most respected brands:

  • Cook’s Illustrated Vitamix review: “For those who want a blender than can pulverize anything with the turn of a dial and will likely outlast its warranty, [the 5200 Vitamix blender] has been out top recommended model for years.”
  • Wirecutter Vitamix review: “yes, [Vitamix] is pricey but the powerful motor, nuanced controls, and long-lasting reliability make it worth the investment.”
  • Consumer Reports Vitamix review: “Some high-end items are more status symbols than superior products. In this case, however, the Vitamix offers both top-notch performance and brand reliability. The Vitamix wins.”

Vitamix gets a lot of attention in media as well:

  • Business Insider Vitamix review: “Any home chef who spends a significant amount of time crafting tasty meals would benefit from having this tool [the A3500 Vitamix blender] available. (…) It’s the best blender on the market.”
  • Forbes Vitamix review: “If you have a little extra cash to shell out, the Vitamix Ascent 2500 Series is a high-end blender that can handle pretty much any task you throw its way.”
  • CNET Vitamix review: “The Vitamix 7500 is an undeniably powerful machine, capable of blending just about anything you throw in it. If you’re a foodie who plans on making smoothies, soups, and salsas day in and day out, it’s a blender you’ll be thrilled to own.”

Vitamix Reviews from Blender Owners

Vitamix blender owners love their Vitamix and leave thousands of reviews and helpful tips online.

With over 4,800 reviews and 4,252 (87%!) perfect ratings, the the 5200 is consistently Amazon’s best-rated blender. The E310 is not far behind with 4,177 reviews and 3,550 (85%) perfect ratings.

I could go on and on citing Vitamix blender reviews. In short, Vitamix receives excellent ratings time and time again. It’s praised for performance, versatility, and reliability.

Best Vitamix to Buy

If you have made the decision to buy a Vitamix, the next question is which model to buy. There are so many options!

To make things easier, here is a brief summary of which Vitamix blender is best for whom:

  • Best you can get (the most advanced with the newest technology): A3500
  • Best you can get without new technology: Pro 750
  • Best on a budgetE310 
  • Best value: A2300 or recon V1200
  • Best rated: 5200
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In conclusion, Vitamix is a premium brand. Of course, you will find many cheaper models that claim to offer a good balance of performance and quality. They are just not as powerful or durable as the Vitamix, though.

Petra Scott

Hi, I’m Petra – a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Raw Food Chef. I have been using a Vitamix for more than a decade. I personally own several Vitamix blenders (mostly for testing purposes) and use Vitamix exclusively in commercial settings as well.

Whether you’re wondering which Vitamix to buy or what the upcoming Vitamix deals are, you’ll find it on this site.

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